Note: if you do lots of tethering I strongly suggest you update to Adobe Lightroom v3. It now supports tethering out the box


Tethering your camera, fast and easy. Taking photos in the studio is so much easier if you can see what your doing.

StudioTether is a free application to tether your camera to your Mac.

LightroomTether is a free plugin for Adobe Lightroom v2 which automates the running and configuration of StudioTether.

  • Remote control of your camera & onscreen display of camera settings
  • Nikon LiveView support at 60fps! (recording coming soon)
  • Instant import of images into Adobe Lightroom; no waiting for Lightroom to detect the images
  • Integrated with Adobe Lightroom; single configuration

Camera Support

Most Nikon cameras work and come (older) Canon ones as well. Note though, that some cameras will need to be in a specific mode to work e.g. the Nikon D70 needs USB mode to be set to PTP.

System Requirements

  • StudioTether
    • Requires Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard)
  • LightroomTether
    • Requires Adobe Lightroom v2
  • A compatible camera (see cameras)


LightroomTether v4.0.2 (beta)

Studio-Lightroom Tether v3.6

Release Notes

  • Added LiveView support for Nikons
  • Fixed issue which caused “unable to open event pipe” error
  • Completely restructured LightoomTether. It now uses StudioTether for all camera communication
  • Fixed all the bugs I know – except PPC a byte order thing with “custom extensions”
  • Fixed a bug which stopped “custom extension” mode working on non-liveview cameras