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Q. Is my camera supported

Hopefully. Have a look at the cameras page. Remember to take note of any special modes you may have to put your camera into.

Q. I’ve started StudioTether but I cant see a menu to set preferences in?

The main menu bar (the one with the Window and application menu on) auto hides so you can stick the camera window at the top of the screen. Just move your mouse to the top of the screen and it will pop into view. Oh and remember you can’t change settings whilst a camera is connected.

Q. Lightroom imports the image but doesn’t select it

Have a look at the manual. The quick checklist is; did you enable “System Preferences->Universal Access->Enable access for assistive devices”, have you got the last image LightroomTether imported selected?

Q. Does it work with Lightroom v1

No. The Lightroom SDK for Lightroom v2 is the first one to add the features required to make LightroomTether work

Q. Does it work on Windows

No. LightroomTether consists of two parts. The Lightroom plug-in should work on Windows (mostly) but the StudioTether (which talks to the camera) doesn’t. I might get around to porting it at some point but only when I’ve run out of features to add on Mac OS X. In the meantime I’m told this program does a similar job to StudioTether on Windows: if you want to try to link the script into LightroomTether send me a message and I’ll tell you what you need to know to talk to the plugin.