Can’t find the answer your looking for, send me a message from the support page

Q: How do I uninstall it?

Just delete the following files (if they are there):

Note you might not want to remove HMBlkAppKit as you may have another program which requires it! So remove at your own risk

Q. What Hosts does it work in

Erm, good question. Last time i checked it worked in Logic Studio .. best thing you can do is just give it a try and use the support page to tell me of your success (or otherwise)

Q: Why are there no presets?

Because at the moment I don’t know what they should be. So Im open for ideas. My plan is (at least for Logic) to make a spotlight plugin which allows you to search on the data you enter. I might standadize a few elements when I get that working so I can extract them with a bit more intelligence.

Q: Why doesn’t it work in Ableton Live?

Well Live only supports AudioUnits with Generic or Carbon GUI’s not the Cocoa one used by Notes. Its in my known issues and I should fix it at some point.

Q: When I open the plugin window nothings displayed

In Logic if you close the window you can manage to open it and it not show your notes (there there, just double click the blue button). Obviously I need to prod the window to redraw a little more often.